Together. Unstoppable.

Hi, we're Valcon!

A full-service provider that works at the intersection of software development, data, advanced analytics, consultancy, and strategy. Currently, there are nearly 200 of us, and we keep growing! Our memorable beginnings span 2017 when we started as Hybrid IT Solutions. During the next six years, we grew from just five dedicated guys to the team we have today!

Our next chapter began when we formally rebranded as Valcon at the start of 2022. You can find our offices in Novi Sad and Belgrade and a new office in Banja Luka.

We are part of the Valcon group with over 1600 consultancy, data, and tech enthusiasts in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Croatia, and Romania. Together, we form a community helping clients across national borders.

We focus on end-to-end transformations in which we create long-lasting and sustainable value together with a human approach.

We know that every link matters in improving a company’s value chain. We support our clients in pursuing the right change in people, systems, and processes. Our involvement is based on deep knowledge and experience, working shoulder-to-shoulder with different organizations. We do not blindly follow a methodology; we follow through on getting things done.

On our journey of getting the job done, we cherish our reputation founded on integrity, responsibility, and quality. At the same time, we’re a close-knit ragtag team that likes to work and play hard. And hey – you might be our next addition, so check out our open positions!

Open job positions

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Here's what awaits you if you become a member of our team.

Limitless Educational Budget

Lifelong learning is what we’re all about. We cover your education as long as it makes sense for your position and career path.

Covered Lunch

If you come to the office at least 4 days a week, you get to choose your free lunch each day!

Flexible Way of Work

Combine remote and office work with ease. A pleasant working environment awaits you in the office, and we understand your wish to sometimes work from wherever you want.

Mini Teambuilding Budget

Want to get together with your colleagues? You can do so outside work and large team buildings, as well – you get a mini teambuilding budget each month.

25 days of paid leave, with 1 additional day every year, up to 30 days

We value work-life balance, so we provide minimum of 25 days of paid leave to our employees. You will also get an additional loyalty day for every year spent in the company, up to 30 days in total.

100% Covered Pregnancy Leave

Focus on what matters! Give peace of mind to yourself while preparing to meet your bundle of joy.

Up to 30 Days of 100% Covered Sick Leave

Take time off to recuperate the way you should without fretting over your income.

Coffee, Drinks, Fresh Fruit, and Sweets

Snacks are always available at our offices, as well as a boost of caffeine, or a drink of choice.

Gaming Area

Fancy a game of darts, pool, or FIFA? Fill your break with some healthy competition with our gaming options.

Borrow Certain Office Supplies

In the mood for reading a certain book, playing Sony with your friends, or riding an electric scooter? Borrow them from us!

Access to the Rezilient Platform

Take care of your mental well-being with paid access to the Rezilient platform.

Private Medical Insurance

We look out for both your physical and mental health. With this insurance, you get no-stress access to top-notch medical clinics.

Fitpass Membership

We help you get moving and motivate you to work out. If needed, you can forgo the Fitpass, and we can cover a fitness membership for a club of your choice.

Our Values


We are honest, transparent and dare to be authentic. We have respect for each other and our clients and take responsibility for what we do: the promise, the process and the impact.


We co-create solutions with our clients, by working in high-performing teams built on diversity, respect and trust.


We enjoy our work and promote a positive environment. We are passionate and love to take on challenges.


We are humble about what we know and always ask questions. We strive to learn and welcome feedback to deepen our understanding, support growth and uncover new and innovative solutions.

Can-Do Attitude

We are bold in our belief that nothing is impossible. We approach every task with a positive, ambitious yet no-nonsense attitude to realise sustainable solutions for our clients.

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